Kauai Adventure Photography Workshop (KAPoW!)

When you have the travel bug, but are 6 months pregnant and Zika is a major concern… where do you go? Of course, you visit Hawaii! A beautiful tropical destination that is Zika free and has tons to see and do.

During our recent babymoon, we visited 3 islands: Oahu, Maui and Kauai. While in Kauai, undoubtedly the most beautiful of the 3 islands, we spent an afternoon on a private tour with Kauai Photography Adventure Workshop (a.k.a. KAPoW!). Being pregnant, my ability to venture off to some of the truly secluded spots was limited, but that didn’t stop our guide, Mallory, from finding some less dangerous, but equally stunning places we could visit.

We began our tour at Wailea Falls, where a 10-15 minute hike down, got us to the bottom of the gorgeous waterfall. You have to go with someone that knows their way around, because there is no trail to follow.

After getting a great shot (and completely soaked from the mist of the waterfall), we hiked back up to the car and then headed over to a beautiful secluded beach that was easily accessible, just a 5-10 minute walk from the parking lot. You name it and this small, private beach had it: beautiful water, a lighthouse, mountains in the background, a sunset, incredible rock formations and bright orange sand.


The beach had gorgeous view from every angle, the sun was setting to our right, while the waves rolled in with a lighthouse in the background to our left. It was the perfect spot to end our day with KAPoW!

Kauai Adventure Photography Workshops (KAPoW) offers group and private workshops custom tailored to your needs. Seeing the most beautiful island in Hawaii from a photographers perspective was such a treat and I can’t wait to go back and do it again (not pregnant) so I can really venture off to some of the more secluded spots around the island. Kauai is truly a gem!

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