Hocus Pocus Halloween Playhouse - Halloween Decorations to turn a renovated outdoor playhouse into a spooky witches home perfect for playtime during the month of October | added spider webs, bats, witches boots and broomstick, a cauldron and the cutest witch costumes | remodeled DIY pink and white playhouse #playhouse #halloween #witch


As you know by now, last Christmas Charlie got an outdoor playhouse that my hubby renovated for her. It’s a beautiful pink and white house. Every holiday I love to transform it for holiday pictures and Halloween was no exception. Lots of black spooky witchy decor and a costume is all it took to bring my vision to life. I started with spider webs (black and a small white piece) to cover the roof of the house. I continued with a couple banners… one says HOCUS POCUS and the other one is of cute bats. Then I went on to add some details. A sign that reads “The Witch Is In” hangs on the side. In front of the house I added a little collection of black pumpkins, some witches boots, a welcome mat, witches brooms, a gnome, a cauldron that actually smokes and a Halloween telephone. The look was rounded off with the cutest witch outfit you’ve ever seen (and it was so easy). Other than her black converse sneakers, everything came from Target. She wore her black gymnastics leotard she already had, with a black light up tutu that will join her dress up bin in her closet […]

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Inside 2 Cool for Skool the cutest homeschool classroom you've ever seen. Homeschool Rooms | Homeschool | Homeschooling | Classroom | Preschool | Kindergarten | Make Learning Fun with Games #homeschool #homeschooling #classroom #homeschoolclassroom #homeschoolroom #homeschoolingrooms


The homeschool classroom of your dreams. A fun, colorful room filled with learning games, countless books and endless activities to teach a preschooler or kindergartener. Homeschooling room inspiration for your home makeover.

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