The Traveling Red - mother and daughter duo Cristie Anne and Charlie - follow @thetravelingred on Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and the blog The Traveling RedCristie is a Miami-based mom, influencer, content creator and blogger. The Traveling Red began in 2015 when a friend encouraged her to start a blog and Instagram account to share all of her adventures. What started as a redhead travel blogger (hence the name The Traveling Red) sharing travel tips, has become so much more over the years. Today she is the mom of a 6 year-old girl sharing about everything in her life. Her content now includes motherhood, home decor, events, Disney, bus life, fashion, and of course travel.

Traveling has always been, and will always be, a huge part of her life. Born and raised in the beautiful city of Miami, she developed a love and appreciation of cities around the world at an early age. She has always had a passion for experiencing different cultures, meeting new people, and tasting all types of cuisines. After getting married she decided to hold off on starting a family and travel as much as she possibly could. By her 30th birthday, she had already visited 43 countries and that number has continued to increase since.

Family Photo Shoot in Paris with the Eiffel Tower. Little girl modeling in Paris. One of many fun things to do with your kids when visiting Paris France. | The Traveling Red Cristie Anne with her husband and daughter CharlieIn 2017 she welcomed a baby girl and to her surprise nothing changed, they just started traveling with a baby. By the age of 1 her daughter had visited 4 continents (Europe, Asia, Africa and N. America). Their family travels have since included everything from remote destinations to a 3-month road trip through the United States on a yellow school bus her husband converted to a vacation home on wheels. However, they spend the most time in Disney’s Golden Oak at the family vacation home.

She documents her daily life on Instagram and TikTok, both by the same name, The Traveling Red. There you’ll find lots of content about Disney, living in a yellow school bus, her day to day life, motherhood, home decor projects, etc. The Traveling Red is about much more than travel these days. The name remains the same, but the content certainly hasn’t.

Becoming a content creator and blogger has given her the opportunity to combine all of her passions into a successful business. Her love of traveling and photography were the perfect basis for starting social media accounts and a blog. As they have grown she has been able to incorporate brand partnerships to make it into a profitable business. Cristie has always loved marketing and studied it before having any social media accounts. She even earned her MBA in marketing from the University of Miami back in 2010, which has carried over immensely into her business today. She has partnered with all types of brands, including fashion lines, hotels, tourism boards, furniture brands, and kids products.

Cristie hopes to spread positivity and encourage families to travel with their children. She always says taking a child around the world isn’t easy, but it’s so worth it! They might not remember the trips, but they will always have the pictures to treasure. Her favorite quotes says, “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”