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Is your kids closet a disaster? Are you out of space? Do you forget about things they have because you can’t see them? Kids grow quickly and they’re constantly getting new things, so having an organized kids closet makes the world of a difference. I recently did my daughters whole closet, top to bottom, and it took me 1 entire day with a 3 year old assistant (would have taken me less than1/2 of the time without her help). Her clothes were in order because I’m really good about keeping that up and I had pulled out everything that didn’t fit her a couple months ago, but the rest of it was a disaster. This is a process that takes some time, but I promise you if you do it right it’ll be so worth it. Don’t get overwhelmed when it doesn’t come together quickly. This process requires thinking everything through and making some changes as you go along to get it just right. Be patient and it’ll all come together.


I know this isn’t the tip you were looking for, but it makes a huge difference if you do this first. Odds are if the closet looks messy and you want to organize it, it’s probably too full. Kid’s grow out of sizes quickly, so taking out everything that doesn’t fit anymore has to be first.


The easiest thing you can do to make your closet look beautiful is to hang everything on the same type of hanger. I love the slim line hangers because they’re pretty, sturdy and don’t take up a lot of space. I have them in all of our closets. I even found them in kids sizes and they come in different colors. Below are 3 color options available, but there’s plenty more. Just click the image of the color you prefer and it’ll take you directly to Amazon to purchase them. Also, when you’re hanging the clothes on your new hangers, place all the clothes facing the same direction. It makes it much easier to see each item when you are searching through it later.


Separating clothes into sections helps you pick out an outfit quickly. You don’t need sweaters mixed in with your tank tops because they would never be used interchangeably. My daughter’s hanging clothes is separated into 3 main sections sections, but 2 of them have sub-sections. Her first hanging area is for her shirts, but it’s split into 3 sub-sections: tank tops, short sleeve shirts and long sleeve shirts. They’re placed consecutively on the same pole, but it’s easy to find the division since each section is color coordinated (see point #4), basically there will be a black tank top followed by a white short sleeve shirt. The next hanging section in her closet is the smallest, so that one is used for sweaters and jackets. Those I left together because a sweater and jacket could be used interchangeably. Finally is the section of dresses and rompers. This is also split into 2 sub-sections: casual dresses and rompers, followed by formal dresses. Her shorts and pants are folded in her dresser, so that’s it for her clothes in her closet.


This is great for so many reasons- it looks beautiful, it shows you where one sections ends and the next one starts, and often times you are looking for a specific color, so it’s easy to find. If you’ve watched The Home Edits, they like to color coordinate following the rainbow, but I like to go from white to black (white, beige, yellow, orange, pink, red, blue, green, purple, grey, brown and black). How you color coordinate is up to you, but put it in some sort of order.


If you can’t see it, you probably won’t use it. I display everything so I can see the options when putting together an outfit. The shoes are all displayed on shelves and my daughters handbags are on a hanging piece on the side of her closet, but in my closet my handbags are lined up on a shelf and color coordinated. No matter where you put things, having them visible will make your life a lot easier and you’ll actually use them more.


This also helps making getting ready easier. You would never wear a flip flop or sneakers to an event that requires a fancy shoe. For my daughters closet I used 4 shelves for the 4 different types of shoes. There’s 2 shelves together where I display the casual shoes, one shelf for beach sandals and the other for sneakers. On the other shelving unit next to it are 2 more shelves for her nicer shoes. One shelf for nice sandals and the other for dressy shoes.


Think about how you can repurpose something you already have. My daughter had a piece made with her name and hooks for her baby headbands, but she doesn’t wear those stretchy headbands anymore. I decided to use that piece to hang her handbags now. She doesn’t have that many, but I’m sure they’ll accumulate over the years. It also saves space on my shelves for something else, since the hanging piece is on a small wall that wasn’t being utilized otherwise. Same goes for the little bins in the closet. I took them all out and emptied them, then organized them with new items that makes sense for what she has now. More on this in the next step. As for the headband holder and bow holder in the photo below, I found someone on Etsy to custom make them for me when I was pregnant. I designed them and provided the dimensions so they would fit perfectly on the 2 unused walls in the closet.


It is much easier to keep a closet organized if things are kept in bins, instead of loose on the shelves. You can just pull 1 bin down to get what you need, without making a mess of the whole shelf. It makes the closet look so much nicer and it keeps things in order. Clear bins are a great option because you can see everything. I already had little wood bins with a chalkboard front, so I decided to use those. I love them because I can write what’s in each one. This is why separating by type is so important. This takes some time and the best way to organize them properly is by trial and error. I sat down and separated things then started figuring out what could go together and what I could call that bin. Originally I had a small bin for her little monogrammed zippered bags, but I also had a couple soft duffle bags that didn’t have a spot, so instead I put it all together in a big bin and labeled that one TRAVEL BAGS. It sounds silly, but separating everything into groups and creating a title that incorporates everything inside of it will help keep you organized in the future. Even if you get clear bins, I suggest labeling them. It helps you when you’re putting away new items or just picking up. I purchased my storage bins before my daughter was born. They were probably from HomeGoods, but I honestly don’t remember. I included 3 options that would work just as well, 2 have chalkboards and the other one is clear. Just click on the photo and it’ll take you directly to Amazon where you can order them.


Especially in a kids closet, you really need to think about where things are stored. Store items you use less often up highest, since they’re the hardest to access. At the very top of my daughters closet are all of her travel bags and her winter accessories that we only use on vacation since we live in Miami. Same goes for lower placement in a kids closet. Kids touch everything, so make sure things they reach easily are things you don’t mind them playing with. The bottom shelves in my daughters closet have her tutus, Disney dress up accessories and some hardcover books. Anything that is fragile or extra special to you should be stored out of their reach as well.


Don’t fill every last spot because it’ll become a mess again as soon as you buy something new. I have a whole shelf empty where I can put boots (under the sweaters). She didn’t have any that fit her anymore, but I will definitely buy her new boots for winter. I also left 3 bins empty in the closet for any new items that need a spot (2 wood bins towards the top of the closet & the pink floral box above the shirts are all empty). I can guarantee you that there will be something new to add to that closet soon enough and if there’s no place for it then you’ll end up making a mess again. You won’t be doing a full clean out often, so leaving space for new items means that closet will stay organized much longer.

I promise you if you follow these 10 steps and take your time you will go from a messy closet to a super organized closet. It is not hard to maintain once everything has a spot. It’s actually so much easier when you put away laundry or pick up things that are out of place. There’s no thinking involved or making space for something…. you will know exactly where it goes. So get to it and organize that closet. Happy Organizing!

ORGANIZING A KIDS CLOSET IN 10 EASY STEPS | organization | little girl room | clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, books & toys | organization 101 | color coordinating | storage bins | chalkboard nesting baskets | the home edit | #organization #kidscloset #organizing
ORGANIZING A KIDS CLOSET IN 10 EASY STEPS | organization | little girl room | clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, books & toys | organization 101 | color coordinating | storage bins | chalkboard nesting baskets | the home edit | #organization #kidscloset #organizing
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