If you’re dreaming of a trip to the Bahamas its probably because you’ve seen some amazing pictures. The Bahamas is full of Instagrammable spots you can’t find anywhere else. But the Bahamas are huge. Where are those amazing spots you don’t want to miss? I’ll share with you some of my favorite spots and how to find them.

Swimming Pigs

Probably the most Instagrammable spot in all of the Bahamas is Big Major Cay in the Exumas, home of the famous swimming pigs. This beach is better known as Pig Beach and is completely uninhabited by humans and only accessible by boat. As soon as you arrive, the pigs swim out to your boat hoping to be fed. Please be aware that the pigs are known to get a little aggressive. If you want to see them, you can go on a private boat or with a tour from another island in the Exumas. As of recently there’s tours from Nassau as well, but expect it to be a very long day.

Swimming Pigs in Staniel Cay, Exuma, Bahamas
Swimming Pigs in Exuma

Stingrays at Honeymoon Harbour

Honeymoon Harbour is a small uninhabited beach South of Bimini, famous for their clear waters and stingray encounters. The stingrays are used to being hand-fed, so they will approach you looking for food. We always stop to buy squid before leaving Bimini to head to Honeymoon Harbour. Please note that Honeymoon Harbour is only accessible by boat. If you don’t have a private boat, there are tours available from Bimini.

Stingrays in Honeymoon Harbour that are used to being hand fed on a private beach
Stingrays in Honeymoon Harbour
Private Beach at Honeymoon Harbour, near Bimini in the Bahamas
The crystal clear waters of Honeymoon Harbour

Waterfall Cave

I’m sure you’ve come across a whole bunch of pictures of a beautiful waterfall that appears to be part of a cave. It is super instagrammable, but it’s not what you think. It’s actually very easy to access because it is part of the pool in the Baha Mar resort in Nassau.

Waterfall Cave at the BahaMar resort in Nassau, the Bahamas
The waterfall from inside the cave
Waterfall Cave in the BahaMar resort in Nassau, Bahamas
The same waterfall but from the other side

Swimming with the Sharks

You’ll find sharks all over the Bahamas, but if you want to float in the water surrounded by nurse sharks, you’re going to want to visit Compass Cay. Compass Cay is a small cay in the Exumas, only accessible by boat, known for shark encounters. The sharks hang out near a dock in the marina where they feed them. In high tide, you’ll even find the sharks sunbathing on top of the dock. It’s a popular tourist destination, so expect to see other people around. And don’t worry, nurse shark are pretty harmless.

Swimming with the Sharks in Compass Cay Exuma - things to see in Exumas, Bahamas
Swimming with the Nurse Sharks at Compass Cay

Pink Sands Beach

Harbour Island is most famous for its pink sand. Stretches of gorgeous beaches with beautiful soft pink sand. You’ll find this beach behind the Coral Sands and Pink Sands resorts.

Pink Sands Beach in Harbour Island, Bahamas - matching mother daughter Lilly Pulitzer swimsuits
Pink Sands Beach

Sunken Plane

Norman’s Cay in the Exumas is a tiny island once used as a mid-point to transport drugs from Colombia to Miami. In the 80’s a plane crashed offshore, making it one of the worlds most accessible plan wrecks to explore, since it’s in such shallow water. In low tide, part of the plane is above the water. The plan wreck has now become home to several fish and coral species, making it a great snorkeling spot, however it is only accessible by boat.

Sunken plane by Normans Cay, Exuma, Bahamas - best places to snorkel in the Exumas - sunken drug cartel plane
Sunken Plane by Norman’s Cay

S.S. Sapona

The S.S. Sapona is a shipwreck 4 miles South of Bimini. It ran aground during a hurricane in the 1920’s and has been there ever since. It’s a popular spot for divers and snorkelers alike. And if you’re brave enough, you can climb to the top and jump off. Just note, the only way to see it is by boat, but there’s tours available from Bimini.

SS Sapona shipwreck near Bimini, the Bahamas - great spot for snorkeling
S.S. Sapona
Jumping off the top of the SS Sapona, the shipwreck near Bimini, the Bahamas
Jumping off the S.S. Sapona

Baha Mar Pier

Want to take a stroll along a pier with gorgeous turquoise waters surrounding it? Check out the pier at Baha Mar in Nassau. It’s the perfect spot for photos, walking above it or even below it.

The Pier at BahaMar Resort in Nassau, Bahamas. Accessible from the SLS hotel, Grand Hyatt and Rosewood hotel.
The Pier at Baha Mar

Aquarium in Atlantis

The aquarium in Royal Towers of Atlantis, is better known as The Dig. It’s a large aquarium with several tanks accessible through tunnels. Most Instagrammable is the main tank, visible from all sides. Inside it you’ll find lots of fish, sharks, stingrays and even a Manta Ray. Atlantis is located in Nassau.

Exploring the Diggs, the huge aquarium inside Atlantis in Nassau, the Bahamas.
The Dig in Atlantis

Thunderball Grotto

Thunderball Grotto is a grotto in the Exumas, just west of Staniel Cay. It’s a popular spot for snorkeling or diving. It got its name from the James Bond movie, Thunderball, filmed there in 1965. Please note that it is only accessible by boat and can be entered during low tide for snorkeling, but during high tide, diving gear in necessary.

Snorkeling inside Thunderball Grotto, near Staniel Cay in the Exumas. This grotto was made famous by the James Bond movie, Thunderball. Best places to see in Exuma, Bahamas.
Snorkeling Thunderball Grotto

Stairway over the Water

If you’re looking for this stairway that hangs over the water, you unfortunately won’t find it. It has been torn down in recent years. That stairway was once part of a larger structure that connected the homes to the beach in Bimini. It was torn down in parts, so for a while the stairway remained with nothing under it, appearing as it was floating over the water. The rocks remain in the water, but the stairway is gone. If you want to see the rocks in the water, those are located on the beach in Bimini Bay to the right of the infinity pool.

Stairway to Heaven. The floating staircase over the ocean in Resorts World. Found in Bimini, the Bahamas.
Lounging on the stairs over the water

Tree Growing in the Ocean

The beautiful white tree in the middle of the ocean in Harbour Island was a popular spot for photos, but it was knocked over during a storm a couple of years ago. There’s another tree nearby, but its not nearly as beautiful as this one.

White tree growing in the middle of the ocean in Harbour Island, the bahamas.
The beautiful white tree in the Ocean

There’s definitely more incredible Instagrammable spots around the Bahamas… these are just some of my favorites that I have visited. If there’s a great one you think I missed please leave me a comment. Would love to check it out during my next trip to the Bahamas.

Also, if you need more information about specific islands and my recommendations, keep an eye out for my upcoming blogs. I’ll be going into more detail about each location.

Happy Travels!

MOST INSTAGRAMMABLE SPOTS IN THE BAHAMAS | Bahamas Travel Guide | Nassau, Harbour Island, Bimini, Exuma, Exumas | Swimming with Nurse Sharks | Swimming Pigs | Snorkeling Thunderball Grotto, a plane wreck, a shipwreck SS Sapona | Handfeeding stingrays on Honeymoon Harbour | Pink Sands Beach | Atlantis & BahaMar | Aquarium | Waterfall Cave Pool
MOST INSTAGRAMMABLE SPOTS IN THE BAHAMAS | Bahamas Travel Guide | Nassau, Harbour Island, Bimini, Exuma, Exumas | Swimming with Nurse Sharks | Swimming Pigs | Snorkeling Thunderball Grotto, a plane wreck, a shipwreck SS Sapona | Handfeeding stingrays on Honeymoon Harbour | Pink Sands Beach | Atlantis & BahaMar | Aquarium | Waterfall Cave Pool
Most Instagrammable Spots in the Bahamas - best of Bimini, Exuma, Harbour Island. Some from Resorts World, Atlantis, BahaMar, Staniel Cay, Compass Cay, swimming pigs, snorkeling in the Exumas, etc
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