First Day in Paradise: Bora Bora Photo Diary

If you’re looking for a super romantic destination for your honeymoon or anniversary, you might want to consider a trip to French Polynesia. Picture pure relaxation with a fruity cocktail in the most breathtaking place you’ve ever seen. What’s not to love?

In December, we spent 5 days in Bora Bora with some friends. I booked the international flight and Claudia from Pacific for Less took care of the rest. She was wonderful to deal with and really knows Tahiti well, as she specializes in South Pacific vacations.

Although it’s a super long flight, it is well worth visiting. We flew from Miami to LA, then LA to Papeete (in French Polynesia), followed by a small plane from Papeete to Bora Bora. But you’re not there yet! Once we got to the airport, we had to take a boat to our hotel, which is only accessible by water.



Good-bye Miami



Landing in LA



Finally arriving in Bora Bora… look at the color of the water!



Boat ride to our hotel after 20 hours of traveling 




We stayed at the St. Regis in Bora Bora and it was a great choice!  The place is beyond beautiful and the service is impeccable. Each villa comes with a butler to assist you with everything and anything you might need.

My only complaint from Bora Bora was the food. Everything was super expensive and not that great, at all. This was not only true at the hotel, it was throughout the island.

We traveled through the night, landing in Bora Bora at 8am. Although we were exhausted, we didn’t want to miss out on the first day in paradise. No naps for us! Time to have fun!

Here’s a photorecap from our first day….


Our Deluxe Overwater Villa at the St Regis… our friends were next door


Coverup by Calypso St Barth
Our bedroom 


Our bathroom
Our family room, with a view of the ocean right under our coffee table
View from our terrace


Some of the bottles we brought with us… bring your own booze, it’s so expensive to buy there
The boys brought back some kayaks from the beach 


Bikini by Kai Lani from Mermaids Boutique 


IMG_3533In-room dining 
One of my favorite spots at the St Regis
Under our coffee table
Getting ready for dinner
Dinner at Lagoon by Jean Georges at the St Regis… beautiful view, but super expensive average food
View from the restaurant


Check back soon for the rest of our trip to Bora Bora….

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  • Reply Ida Refsgaard July 5, 2020 at 6:22 pm

    No hotels, no restaurants, no tourist industry it sounded like paradise to me. This was my ultimate desire as a traveller: to show up unannounced like those ailing British sailors, open to the naked fate of true exploration. I opted out of scurvy and long months at sea in favour of the 18-hour flight to Tahiti from Washington DC, measured out in cups of fresh pineapple juice poured by flight attendants wearing floral prints. After a night in Papeete, I boarded a two-hour prop plane to Napuka. For the first hour, I watched the empty ocean far below me. The blue intensity astonished me as much as the immensity of the water. Polynesia is believed to be one of the last areas on Earth settled by humans, and that ancient people sailed across this void in narrow canoes from places like Indonesia and the Philippines seemed nearly impossible. Resting my forehead against the vibrating window, I studied the leathery surface of the mid-morning Pacific, basking in that rare moment when stark geographic truths confront you: Polynesia is more ocean than anything else.

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