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With the holidays quickly approaching I’ve gotten so many requests for links to Charlie’s favorite toys, so I’ve decided to put together a whole gift guide for toddlers. If you have a toddler to shop for, boy or girl, here’s plenty of ideas at all price points. They are all from Amazon so they’re super easy to shop and they include free shipping for prime members.


Educational toys are always my favorite. I love that my daughter gets excited to learn and we have a great time doing it. Here are some of our favorites…

SHAPE SORTER- The Melissa & Doug Take-Along Shape Sorter helps little ones practice their colors, shapes and spacial recognition. The best part is this one comes in a soft carry case and it’s only $17. Click here to buy it.

STACKING CUBES– My daughter was obsessed with her stacking cubes. They taught her how to stack and her numbers up to 10. But I can’t lie, her favorite part was watching them tumble when she knocked down the full stack. This set is $15. Click here to buy.

FOAM LETTERS & NUMBERS– This is the best bath time toy. These foam letters and numbers float and stick to the wall with just water. This is honestly how my daughter learned her alphabet. The best part is they’re only $12. Click here to buy them.

FARM ANIMAL PUZZLE– This Melissa & Doug jumbo knob puzzle is our absolute favorite puzzle. The large knobs are perfect for little ones to hold and while doing the puzzle we learned the name of each animal and the sound they make. This puzzle is $17. Click here to buy it.

PLACEMAT SET– Another great way to learn while keeping your little one entertained during meal time is a set of placemats. Our exact set isn’t available, but this one is very similar… it’s a set of 4 including shapes, colors, numbers and letters. My favorite part is that they can learn these things without a ton of pieces. I don’t know about your kid, but my kid loves making a mess, so the less pieces the better. This set is non-slip, easy to clean and only $18. Click here to buy.

ALPHABET BUS– If you follow us on Instagram, you know we have yellow school bus (my page & our school bus page) so this was the cutest gift when my daughter received it last year. School bus aside, she loves this toy. This interactive bus teaches letters, sounds and is just so much fun, all for under $20. Buy it here.

BUSY BOARDS– We recently received a Busy Board and my daughter loves it. It’s full of activities for critical thinking and learning. It’s available in different sizes, different color combinations and they’re even customizable. I have a 15% off promo code for Amazon, good through the end of the year. Promo Code: thetraveling. Here are links to some of the options available. In the XS size, there’s a blue and yellow for $80 buy here, a coral and purple for $80 buy here, a white and green for $90 buy here, a grey and blues for $99 buy here, and a grey blue and yellow for $99 buy here. Then the S comes grey pink and blue for $149 buy here, M size has 4 different color combinations for $179 buy here, L has 4 different color combinations for $229 buy here (we have the L-2 from this section), XL in 4 different color options for $249 buy here, and finally the XL black with yellow and orange for $299 buy here. Make sure you look at them closely, some are on Amazon Prime, whereas other take over a month. Also, they have different activities, so some boards of the same size will have more activities than others.

I SPY FROM A-Z BOOK– This is our favorite book at the moment. Each page is a letter from the alphabet and you have to look through a bunch of items and select which items begins with that letter. It’s great for learning and critical thinking. Hands down our favorite book right now, and it’s only $7! Buy it here.


Need to buy a gift and want something fun within a reasonable budget? Here are some great options that are $30 and under.

MAGNETIC BLOCKS– These are great for just about any kid and any age group. They’re magnetic squares and triangles that can be put together to build different structures. My daughter loves sticking them together and pulling them apart. I’m not going to lie, even mommy loves making structures with them and watching her excitement. The set is $18 and sure to be a hit. You can buy them here.

BUSY CUBE– The same company that makes the busy boards I discussed above also makes busy cubes. These are great for when you’re on the go (at a restaurant, traveling, etc.) It’ll keep your child entertained with 6 different sensory activities. These make great gifts and they’re only $13. Use my promo code thetraveling for 15% off your order. Buy it here. Here’s 2 more options with colors that are $19. Option 1 and Option 2. And one more for bigger kids for $27 buy here.

CHUCKLE BALL– This toy has been one of my daughters favorites since she was about 6 months old. This ball bounces all around while making silly sounds, but it’s safe because the little characters sticking out are soft. Since she started crawling she’s been chasing it around our house. They’re usually hard to find because they’re so popular, but it’s available here for $30. Buy it here.

BARREL OF MONKEYS– The barrel has 10 monkeys inside that connect and are a whole lot of fun. Kids will recognize them as a toy from Toy Story. It’s a super cute toy and under $10. Buy it here.

FRUITS & VEGGIES – My daughter loves learning all of her fruits and veggies, so this play set was perfect for her. It comes with a cutting board and play knife and the foods are all split in the middle with velcro, so she practices cutting them. It’s the perfect addition to her little kitchen and it’s under $10. You can buy them here.

WHOPPEE CUSHION – I never thought a toddler would love this, but she got one as a gift and she thinks it’s the funniest thing ever. So if you want to buy a little one the fun gift and it’s only $5, this is the perfect choice. It makes a great stocking stuffer. Buy it here.

BALL PIT– Every kids loves a ball pit and this one is only $20! But the balls aren’t included, so you’ll have to buy them separately. It’s a great gift for a household with multiple children. They can all play together. Buy the ball pit here and you can add a pack of 50 balls for $12 here. They also have bigger sets of balls available on the same link.

ICE CREAM CART– This interactive ice cream cart is so cute and a lot of fun. It tells you what flavors to scoop and you can build your own ice cream with different flavors and toppings. It’s a great gift for $30. You can buy it here.

WATER MAT– This mat gets activated by pens filled with water, so it’s a great drawing place without any mess and it dries so you can use it again and again. My daughter loves hers and it’s only $18. You can buy it here.

WATER BOOKS– This is a 3-pack of books also activated by water pens and they dry up to be reused. They’re a great activity for on the go because they’re small and the set is only $13. Buy them here.

LATCHES BOARD– This wood board has 6 different latches and each one open up to reveal animals underneath. Every latch is different and kids love learning how to open them. It’s under $20. You can buy it here.

MEGA BLOKS– These are basically big Legos and they’re perfect for little ones as young as 1 and up to 5. Building is great for their critical thinking and keeps them busy for such a long time. This set is available for under $20 here.

JACK IN THE BOX– My daughter loves her Jack in the Box and I just found a Mickey one, which is even better! Such a cute and fun toy, especially for a kid that loves Mickey. This one is under $20 and you can buy it here.


Kids love playing outside and it’s a great way to keep the big toys out of the house. Many of these are good for indoor or outdoor, but these are suitable to go outside.

ROLLERCOASTER– If you follow me on Instagram, you know our rollercoaster is still in the house because she loves it so much. I can’t find the exact same one, but there’s several similar ones at different price points that are also great. There’s a unicorn rollercoaster for $117 you can buy here, or Thomas the Train rollercoaster for $89 you can buy here or the one shown below for $190 available here.

OUTDOOR WOOD SWING– We have a red swing on a tree out front and my daughter loves it. It’s also a really cute addition to the front of our house. I found a natural wood one that you can buy (and paint it a fun color yourself) or you can select to buy it already varnished. This one is the shape of a horse, so it’s adorable. It’s $60 and available here.

WATER TABLE– Kids love water tables and it’s a great option for water fun if you don’t have a pool. We actually put ours in the beach entrance of our pool and she can play there for hours if you let her. Such a great outdoor activity for kids. This blue one is $62 and available here and I found it in pink and purple for $55 and you can buy it here.

SWING SET– Let’s be honest, what kid doesn’t love a swing set? This one $350 and available to ship within a few days from Amazon. So cute if you have the space for it. You can buy it here.

RIDE ON CAR– This Mercedes Benz ride on car is $200 and remote control operated by the parent. Such a great outside toy! You can buy it here.

PUSH CAR– For younger kids this is a great option. This push car is the perfect sturdy seat for a little one to get driven around and it’s available in red, blue or white for $83. You can buy it here.

BASKETBALL HOOP– This is a great gift for $35 and my daughter loves it just as much as the boys. The hoop comes with 3 balls. It’s available here.

INFLATABLE BOUNCE N SLIDE– This is basically a small bounce house, but don’t get me wrong, it’s not small at all. It has the bouncing area and the big slide, so kids absolutely love it. The best part is you can inflate it with the included blower only when you want to use it and keep it in the garage otherwise. I found it on Amazon for $190. You can buy it here.

TODDLER TRAMPOLINE– This small trampoline comes with a handle perfect for a toddler to hold on while bouncing away. Ours is inside our house and my daughter uses it all the time. It’s $60 and you can buy it here.

PRINCESS TENT/TUNNEL/BALL PIT- This indoor/outdoor play set is really girly, but too cute not to include on our list. This whole set breaks down to fit into a carry case and it’s under $50! You can buy it here. Remember that the balls are not included. Here’s a link for balls.


If you’re anything like me, I always pick one “big” gift for Christmas and then a bunch of little ones to go with it. Here’s some more options that could work as the “big” gift, but I already included several in the outdoor fun section. Here are some more suitable only for indoor play.

LITTLE KITCHEN– A little kitchen is such a great gift, my daughter has this same one in white and absolutely loves it. This pink one is $85 and available here, in blue for $78 and available here or I found it in white for $102 available here.

RIDE ON HORSE– This is my personal favorite toy at the moment. We saw it at a friends house and I loved it so much that I went on Amazon and bought it before even getting home. Your little one rides on it and it moves by the kid bouncing up and down. Also the handle bars allow them to steer it. Seriously the cutest horse ever! This one that we have is $230 and suitable for a smaller child (probably ages 2-5). You can buy it here. There’s also a bigger model for kids ages 5+ for $180, available here. And last, but certainly not least, I just found the small size one but it’s a white unicorn instead of a brown horse and it’s $220, available here.

ACTIVITY CUBE – This is a toy from our childhood… no sound, no lights, etc, but my daughter loves hers. This one has the alphabet, push beads, tracks and turning gears all for under $50, available here.

TABLE & CHAIRS– This is a great gift for the kids that’s also really a gift for us because it decorates while giving the little ones a place to play, eat, etc. We have this set in our playroom and my daughter loves it. I always find her sitting at her table with her toys. It’s on Amazon for $105, you can buy it here.

STORAGE BENCH– This is another one of those great pieces for them that will also decorate your play space. I have this storage center/bench that matches our table and chairs. It’s a great place to keep all the small toys organized. It’s $120 and available here.

I hope this helps you with your shopping this holiday season. If you have any great ones that you think I should include please leave me a comment. Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: The links included are affiliate links and I may earn a commission from them, however they are all items that I have purchased in the past and my daughter has played with and truly loves.

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